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• 5/7/2016

[THE IMPORTANT EVENT TAKING PLACE NOW] Let's work on a GreenyToons crossover movie script together


Let me tell you.

This, right here, may be this wiki's biggest project to date, since it's an actual movie script. Join me, as we write the best movie ever to use almost every character in the entire GreenyToons/TKTMS/Felippebross/etc etc Universe.


This was set up as a social experiment. No, not that kind of a social experiment. I mean, the kind of a social and collabrative experiment, where we would see how people's imaginations work with each other, and would they succeed at making something requiring teamwork.


Over at Google Docs. Enough said.


Right now. Just log in with your Google+, go to the link, and comment on the first sentence in the document, to confirm if you want to become one of the writers.


Here are some research sources to introduce you to the world of scriptwriting for beginners:

Spread the word, people! Invite your friends along, to create a movie script, for fans, by fans, with fans.

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• 5/8/2016
Done already.
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