Fancy Pants Man
Fancy pants
Gender: Male
Creation: Brad Borne
First Appearance: 99% crazy (cameo)
Age: 13
14 (Season 4)
Episode count: 20
Friends and Relatives: Every major character (TFPS), Koopatroopaman, Fries, Partybross, Sonic, Vardan023, Felipebross
Enemies: Redtroopaman
Family:  ???
Voiced by: Matthew E. Prower (He doesnt rly credit himself, and often says he was voiced by Dred Foxx, or James Taylor in season 4.)

Fancy Pants Man (simply known as Fancy Pants or Fancy) is a minor character of The Koopatroopaman Show.


He is a two dimensional stick figure with spiky and choppy hair, wearing only a pair of orange-colored triangular-shaped pants.

On rare occasions, Fancy wears a green jacket with The 7-Up logo on it, and blue pants.


He is very hyperactive and often messes with his friends by mistake, causing trouble and mayhem, but just as often proves himself to be extremely clever in the climax of every episode he stars in.

He rarely saves KoopaVille (sometimes when he is the cause of the problem in the first place) from whatever dangerous things that harm it, (by teamwork or a giant pencil) as he immediately decides to save the town when a villain is attacking it (Mostly Redtroopaman).

However, on the other hand, Fancy can be brave, helpful to others and even kind and gentle sometimes that usually most of the other characters get surprised because


Fancy's alt. design.

of it.

Fancy is a Canadian, explaining his love of Smarties and 7-Up


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  • He is one of the characters who do not have a text-to-speech voice.
  • There has been controversy about the fact Fancy is Slenderman's cousin. It has went a little too far, as Hulu dubbed the episodes starring Fancy Pants Man, giving him a face.
  • Fancy doesnt have a family, instead being made Drawn to Life in order to create an idol for Squiggleville in 1981. The people accidentally put Maple Syrup, 7-Up, and Smarties into the creation chamber, resulting in Fancy's Canadian origin and Johnny Test-like personality.
  • Fancy has strange fashion sense, as his pants color changes in every episode where he is a background character.