KoopaAnimations (Styled as KOOPA|Animations) (formally ToonBomb) is a sister company of KoopaWorks and the replacement of Koopatroopaman Video.



In 2009, ToonBomb was founded by Nadjib M. and a unit of Viacom. They only made one short called The Ball.

However, in 2010, ToonBomb was originally going to make their first full-length animated feature called The M&M's Movie, but was cancelled due to budget cuts and the studio shut down. The possible reason for the budget cuts is because of getting sued for using some characters without permission.


Animation Central, the original re-name

In 2013, Nadjib M. wanted to reopen the studio and was originally re-named to Animation Central, but it was scrapped due to copying Comedy Central. It was soon un-named until it was bought by TimeWarner and KoopaWorks and was finally re-named to KoopaAnimations.

It was confirmed that in 2017, the company will be defunct and will be folded into KoopaWorks Films for an unknown reason.



Title Release year Notes
The Ball (short film, as ToonBomb) 2009 co-production with Paramount Pictures
The Koopatroopaman Movie 2014 co-production with Warner Bros. Pictures, KoopaWorks and Quarter Productions
Firey 2015 co-production with Universal Studios, Ilion Animation Studios and Jacknjellify Studios
The Koopatroopaman Movie 2 2016 co-production with Warner Bros. Pictures and KoopaWorks
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