Robertson "Koopatroopabobby" Navinson
Gender: Male
Creation: Robert S.
First Appearance: Koopatroopabobby's Girlfriend
Last Appearance: Ongoing
Age: 14
Friends and Relatives: Koopatroopaman, Koopatroopamon, Felipebross, Mini Match (girlfriend)

Everyone else that is good

Enemies: Ban, Orange Ban, Mini Bans, Orange Mini Bans, Alert, Orange Alert, Mini Alerts, Orange Mini Alerts

Everyone else that is bad

Family: Unknown
Voiced by: Young Guy (GoAnimate and Scratch)

Jeremy Shada (Real voice)

Robertson "Koopatroopabobby" Navinson better known as Koopatroopabobby, is a minor character in The Koopatroopaman Show and the tritagonist of Koopatroopaman TV. He made his debut in Koopatroopabobby's Girlfriend. He was born in Feburary 4th 2001.