Yo' what m-ninety?!?!
Lloviant Hawrdwear
Lloviant 4
Gender: Male
Creation: Philip B.
First Appearance: Let 'Er R.I.P (TKTMS)
Last Appearance: This is it. (TKTMS, appearance)
Creepersin Olympics (TKTMS, flashback)
Lorry (TNKTMS)
Age: 22
Friends and Relatives: Koopatroopaman, Felipebross, Dutchey, etc.
Enemies: Redtroopaman, Evilbross, Redsy, Llovinite, etc.
Family: Llepard (father), Anne (mother), Clavoll (brother), LIoviant (brother), Grace (sister), Lloviant Jr, nephew
Voiced by: Philip B.

Lloviant Samuel Hawrdwear, better known as Lloviant or Mysteriously Changing Simpluman in his final episode, was a minor character of The Koopatroopaman Show and a supporting progatonist of the episodes The Tommy Virus and The Real Llepard, while starring as the main protagonist in This is it.

He first appeared in Let 'Er R.I.P and last appeared in This is it.


Lloviant was born on the 21st March, 1994. Currently, he is 22, because he crash-landed in the middle of 2015. He has a father called Llepard, a mother called Anne Hawrdwear, a brother called Clavoll and a sister called Grace. Although he is 22 he acts like he is 15. Everyone in his village fears him because he usually trolls people. He is sometimes also an MLG proscoper.

All selves

  • First Lloviant (aged 0-20)
  • ElectroSociety 1.0 (aged 20)
  • ElectroSociety 2.0 (aged 20)
  • ElectroSociety 2.5 (aged 20)
  • ElectroSociety 3.0 (aged 20)
  • King Electro (aged 20-21)
  • Second Lloviant (aged 21-22)
  • Third Lloviant (aged 22)
  • Fourth Lloviant (aged 22-??)