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Object Age
Object Age poster
Film information
Directed by: Samuel Kosch
Adam Katz
Written by: Robert Slave
Music by: Harry Gregson-Williams
David Newman
Editing by: Nadjib M.
Produced by: BS0
KoopaSammyFelipeWorks Films
Pathé BS0 Pictures
Domino's (sponsorship)
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures (US, UK, Germany)
Pathé (International)
Alliance Films (Canada)
Release date: 02016-03-21March 21, 2016
Running time: TBA
Budget: $75 million
Box office: TBA
Followed by: TBA
Preceded by: N/A
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Object Age is a upcoming 2016 American-Canadian flash-animated comedy adventure film directed by Samuel Kosch and Adam Katz based on the 2002 computer-animated film, Ice Age. It was produced by BS0, Pathé BS0 Pictures and KoopaSammyFelipeWorks Films, distributed by Columbia Pictures in the US, UK and Germany, Pathé internationally and Alliance Films in Canada and sponsored by Domino's. The film features the voices of Michael Huang, Cary Huang and Adam Katz. It shows the adventures of a book with the same name, a sponge named Spongy and a nickel with the same name, when the Earth was being flooded with glaciers.


In February 2, 2012. Samuel Kosch and Adam Katz had the idea of a Ice Age parody after watching a Scrat short: No Time for Nuts. The film was originally going to be released in October 6, 2013, but was pushed back 3 years later due to copyright issues by Blue Sky Studios.

During the production, the film is not going to have crappy animation like the former Battle for Isle Sleep, it will have nice animation like many popular object shows. It is going to be used with Flash CS6 rather than Anime Studio Debut 10.

The film's budget is estimated at $75 million. In addition, BS0 and Sony Entertainment will spend roughly $100 million for the marketing and distribution of the film.


On May 15, 2013, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inter Pathé and Entertainment One announced that it had made a deal with BS0 to distribute the film. The film was scheduled to be released on May 15, 2016, but in October 2014, it was moved up to 02016-03-21March 21, 2016.


To help with the film's promotion, BS0 made a deal with Domino's to make a special deal that exclusively gives limited action-figures, cards and bouncy balls and two unlimited new drinks on the menu, "Book's Marvellous Apple Juice" and "Rocky's Delicious Diet Cola" with a sprinkle of lemon juice which is also available in McDonald's.