Puff's Challenge is the 15th episode of Season 6 of The Koopatroopaman Show.

Puff's Challenge
Season 6, Episode 15
Episode name pun on: N/A
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Image TBA
Airdate: TBA
Director: Nadjib M.
Writer(s): pikminrocks
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Puff is driving around Moonlight City (a town from his series) with with JaydenDeckerGenetwo and Nutelli. All of the sudden, Koopatroopaman falls out of a portal right in front of the car and gets hit. Puff jumps out of the car to see if he is alive, and he is. Puff realizes that his license will be taken away again if Koopatroopaman tells somebody (which would still most likely happen due to Puff's underage driving), so he traps Koopatroopaman in his HGSS.

Koopatroopaman wakes up in an application called DrawChat. Puff draws a dragon in the application, and it begins to attack Koopatroopaman. Luckily, Puff wants to give Koopatroopaman a fighting chance, so he give him a sword. Koopatroopaman slices off the dragon's head, but Puff draws two more heads onto it. Koopatroopaman begins pounding on the bottom screen, but Puff draws more heads onto the dragon. Koopatroopaman sees the eraser tool and erases the dragon with it.

Puff gets angry at Koopatroopaman for defeating the dragon, but Koopatroopaman erases the bottom screen and jumps out. Puff tries using a Megaton Punch on Koopatroopaman, but his hand gets erased. Puff surrenders and runs back to his car, and drives away. Crashes sounds can be heard after he is offscreen.