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Gender: Male
Creation: Robert S.
First Appearance: Creepersin Olympics
Age: 24
Friends and Relatives: KoopatroopamanFelipebross, Cyan Blob, Lloviant, etc.
Enemies: Redtroopaman, Evilbross, Redsy, Llovinite, Spencinite, etc.
Family: Perry (father), Sophie (mother), Joseph (brother), Eileen (sister), Christina (wife), Kenneth (nephew), Spencer Jr. (son).
Voiced by: MS Mike or Seth Green

Spencer Learnest Futuromeo Sawftwear is a minor character of The Koopatroopaman Show and The New Koopatroopaman Show, as well as the titular protagonist of the video game with the same name. He looks like the old Lloviant, but different.


Spencer was born in January 23, 1991 to his parents, Perry and Sophie (née Olson), at Darnville, Texas, and grew up in Michigan, Florida. Spencer's mother later took out a loan and bought him a camera, an act he appreciated helped begin his video diary.


Spencer has a father named Perry Sawftwear, a mother named Sophie Sawftwear (née Olson), a brother named Joseph Sawftwear, a sister named Eileen Sawftwear, a wife named Christina Sawftwear (née Williams), a son named Spencer Sawftwear Jr., and a nephew named Kenneth Sawftwear.


  • Music
  • Singing
  • Making songs
  • McDonald's
  • Bacon and pepperoni sandwiches


  • Junk
  • Baby shows