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(TKTMS Intro)

(Title Card Shows)

The Ancient BFDI Stunt Show: Part 1

Written by Collins M.

Directed by Nadjib M.

(Scene cuts to Antarctica)

(KoopatroopaAndry breathes in and out)

KoopatroopaAndry: Where am I? Am I in Antartica?

(KoopatroopaAndry gets flown away by the wind)

KoopatroopaAndry: Hello? Is anyone here? Hmmm....

(Antarctica disappears)

KoopatroopaAndry: Phew! I'm no longer in Antarcti-

(KoopatroopaAndry disappears)

KoopatroopaAndry: What the-

(Scene cuts to KoopatroopaAndry in his sleeping bag)