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(Shows Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

(Shows Universal Pictures logo available in the international prints)

(Shows KoopaWorks Logo)


Text: a KOOPAWORKS production


Text: Another movie, based on the TV series, THE KOOPATROOPAMAN SHOW

(Fades to a mountain and the camera moves to the center of KoopaVille)

(The Koopatroopaman Movie logo appears and the 2 appears from the right)

(Shows Koopatroopaman running from a army of Nixels)


Nixels: Nix nix nix nix nix nix nix nix nix!

Catch-up Nurpxel/Space Nixel: Nix, nix, nurp!

(Koopatroopaman looks behind him, seeing the swarm of nixels forming into a wave)


(Koopatroopaman is seen running through the city)

Koopatroopaman: Out of my way! Out of my way! (points) Can't you see they're gonna kick my butt?!

(KoopaSonic, Dribbaarex and Shuff looks at Pre-Launch Cartoon Network logo)

Pre-Launch Cartoon Network logo: Hi there young people, nice day today.

KoopaSonic: So, you like kicking butts, do ya? Well we'll show you, old man!

(KoopaSonic, Shuff, Dribbaarex and Danny beats up Pre-Launch Cartoon Network logo)

More coming soon!

(Shows MPAA green screen)

(Shows black screen)

(Shows Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

(Shows Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows KoopaWorks logo)

Announcer: 2 years ago...

(Show flashbacks from The Koopatroopaman Movie)

Announcer: A brave Koopa defeats an evil monstrous koopa from the deepest dark kingdoms and saved the day. But...

(The record scratches, the flashbacks turn into static and Partybross appears)

Partybross: But what?

Announcer: Erm, I was just about to say it

Partybross: Oh, sorry

Announcer: Ok, now where are we. But... that was just the beginning...

(Thread smashes the floor)


Koopa Blob: No, you're not taking over the movie, you're roling as the main villain.

Thread: Oh, (she looks at her script) I said the wrong thing, ok you know what? (she throws the script on the floor) I'm confused!

Announcer: Don't be confused, we can just skip that part.

Thread: Oh, m'kay. (She walks away)

(Shows the movie logo)

(Shows release date, Warner Bros. logo, Universal logo, KoopaWorks logo and copyright)

This is the transcript for The Koopatroopaman Movie 2 AMC Policy.

(The screen shows black for 2 seconds)

(Cuts to Koopatroopaman and the Gang at the movies)

Partybross: Hey Koopa Blob! Isn't it being great to be at the movies? I just can't wait to see the movie!

Koopa Blob: I know, the movie will be amazing! (His cell phone rings) Oh, my phone, I better call.

Partybross: WAIT! You cannot do that at the movies! It's a bad thing!

Koopa Blob: Oh, sorry! [He hangs up his call and mutes the cell phone].

Fries: [Fries texts his friend on his iPhone 5]

Partybross: Stop, texting!

Fries: Why?

Partybross: Just, stop!

Fries: (groans) Fine... [He types "gtg" and shut down his phone].

Old Chica: Pizza (4x) Pizzaaaaaaaaaaa......

Partybross: No shouting in the cinemas!

Old Chica: (she starts to talk normally) O-o-k-ok-k-k-k-ok.

[Cuts to Gree Guy littering Chips Ahoy! wrappers and 7-Up cans on the floor, as Partybross picking up the trash and putting them in a black bag]

Partybross: What the flip are you doing? You're not allowed to litter trash on the floor, it's pointless! Oh, here comes the security guards! (He rushes back to his seat)

Koopatroopaman: [Koopatroopaman launches the AMC theathers app on his iPhone 6 Plus]

Partybross: So, you're launching the app?

Koopatroopaman: Yeah, I am launching the app!

Partybross: That's fine, at least. Oh look, the movie is starting! Turn off your phone, Koopatroopaman!

Koopatroopaman: Ok!

[Cuts to black. Text saying "It's movie time" appears]

Narrator: It's movie time.

Screen: Not arm punching, thread throwing, party-pooping, food fighting, slapstick, cussing, pizza making, crapping, smoking, getting high, breaking the cinema rules time.

[The AMC Amazing logo and Sprint logo appears.] [Cuts to Koopatroopaman and Koopa Blob standing next to The Koopatroopaman Movie 2 logo while the "Only in theaters 2nd March, 2016" text, Rated PG graphic, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal, KoopaWorks logos appeared below it.]

Narrator: Don't forget to see The Koopatroopaman Movie 2, coming 2nd March, 2016, only in theaters. Rated PG.

[The screen cuts to black.]