The Tommy Virus
Season 5, Episode 29
Episode name pun on: N/A
Airdate: March 27, 2015
Director: Nadjib M.
Writer(s): Philip B.
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The Tommy Virus is the twenty-ninth episode of the fifth season of The Koopatroopaman Show.


Koopatroopaman, Lloviant, Anthony & Blue Virian discovered a Tommy Virus which was spreading through KoopaVille. They ran into the Hospital and tried to find the cure. The nurses in the hospital had it, and caught Anthony. Luckily, Llepard used to be a doctor, so he diagnosed Anthony with early effects of the Tommy Virus. Because of this, the other three avoided Anthony. Later, in the basement, Blue Virian found cures for every disease. Just when Blue told KTM and Lloviant to come down to the basement, Tommy caught him. When KTM and Lloviant came down, Blue already became a Tommy-infected person. KTM locked Blue Virian in a cupboard, while Lloviant searched for the cure. He found the paper explaining how to make the cure, but Lloviant was captured before he finished. So the only person that wasn't infected was KTM. He made the cure, and turned it into gas with a gas machine. He trapped the gas in a glass bottle, and poured it into a gunpowder barrel. He launched the firework, but this wasn't any old firework, because when the firework exploded, it shot the cure everywhere. After that, people were cured, and KoopaVille lived happily ever after...