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United International Pictures (UIP for short) is a joint venture of Paramount Pictures (owned by Viacom) and Universal Studios (owned by Comcast and NBCUniversal), to distribute some of the two studios' films theatrically outside the United States (including territories), Canada, and the Anglophone Caribbean.

UIP also had international theatrical distribution rights to features by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (which included Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists) when MGM was part of the venture. In 2001, as MGM left UIP, they made a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox's overseas arm, an agreement that continues to this day.

The company formerly distributed DreamWorks releases as well, now these are handled by Touchstone Pictures and Mister Smith Entertainment for live action films, and Fox for animated films from DreamWorks Animation (which was spun off from DreamWorks in 2004, as its own company).

The Koopatroopaman Movie 2

UIP returned in 2016 as of the release of The Koopatroopaman Movie 2 which was only in Australia and the United Kingdom.